Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Self-Published Ebook

The process of publishing your own book can be a daunting one. The first step for me was to obtain a domain name and build a website. You can see the results at:


I spent several hours formatting my print book for conversion to other formats that would be activated at Smashwords.com. Smashwords acts as a distributor for ebooks, and they give detailed instructions on how to make your print book readable on digital formats. You can see my book page at:


Against the Wind is a historical novel that takes place in Ireland, New York City, and Hollywood from 1920 to 1933. It follows the central character Aidan Malone into the world of Broadway theatre at a time when serious drama is threatening to replace vaudeville, and later into the culture of Hollywood when sound
technology brings voice to silent films. With so much acting and role playing, it's hard to know what part of his character is real. Aidan's final leg of his journey leads him onto the road, during the lean years of the Great Depression, where he rides the rails with fellow hobos and gains the confidence that comes from self-sufficiency and a faith in one's purpose.

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