Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thank Goodness for Intelligent Readers

When I first discovered the controversial theory that Charlotte Brontë had written everything, I knew I would be up against strong opposition from scholars, and resistance from the publishing world, but I always believed if the community of Brontë readership, as well as other intelligent and informed readers, were willing to see what I had found, they would discern truth from fiction and be able to make up their own minds. The readers have proven me right. They were skeptical at first about Charlotte Brontë's Thunder, but after working their way through all the facts, analysis, and anagrams, they came to the same conclusion: Emily and Anne never wrote literature or poetry, and Charlotte did, in fact, perpetrate a hoax about three authors. The book explains why she felt compelled to fabricate a tale of, originally, three brothers, and later three sisters, and supports the claim, in part, with close readings of certain sections of the novels to prove only one brain created these amazing books. The readers get this. Some accepted the challenge with partially open minds, while others were anxious about losing their fictional connection with Emily, and still others were entirely disbelieving of the whole premise, but every one of them persevered and ended up acknowledging the very real possibility that Charlotte made up the whole thing. I want to thank those readers for their support. After years of staring at a computer screen, the human feedback has been invaluable.

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